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Please read this important information before booking below

Always check with a doctor before using a sauna if you are pregnant, diabetic, have heart problems or any other medical condition. This includes a history of fainting or dizziness and having any metal, pin, rod, artificial or surgical implants, including silicone.


By ticking this waiver on our check out page you agree to our usage policy, understand the risks and have consulted with a medical professional prior to use. You understand and take full responsibility for your health whilst using our sauna. Anyone using our facility assumes full responsibility for any such medical condition, which includes but is not limited to the usage of any medications that you may be taking, which could result in a medical emergency or putting yourself in harm's way. You acknowledge that you know your own limitations and assume all risks associated with using our sauna throughout the duration of your visit and afterwards.


You are advised to drink plenty of water before and after your sauna. There is a filtered kitchen tap near the sauna for filling up bottles or please ask a member of staff if you need water. It is also advised to eat at least 1-2 hours before your sauna session.

Booking Policy: The sauna requires 2 participants to be present before the charge of £35pp is applicable. Please look how many spots are left before you book, as you will be charged £70 in total if you turn up and have only paid £35 for one person and you are the only one going into the sauna.

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