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The EE System has been installed worldwide to promote wellness, healing, relaxation and rejuvenation at a price that many people can afford. This amazing "Energy Spa" system is used by individuals, families, doctors, therapists, veterans, veterinarians, meditation and wellness centres to support all manner of physical, mental, spiritual development and well-being. 

Experience the power of the Energy Enhancement System

Battersea Park Clinic 

The EE Room at Battersea Park Clinic

Scalar waves are an ideal, complementary option for addressing various severe health conditions such as: Extreme nerve pain, Hernias, Gut pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's, Detoxification, Cysts, Tumours, Tinnitus, Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Near-sightedness, Strokes and Kidney stones. There many other conditions it has helped with but it would be prudent for us not to name them all.

What are the benefits of the Energy Enhancement System?

Energy Spa

Reinvigorate your body whilst rejuvenating your senses with Scalar Wave technology.  Give your body the energy it needs to heal itself!

Cell Regeneration 

Elevate cell membrane potential and activate stem cell dynamics for peak functionality.

Improve Wellbeing

 Feel the remarkable uplift in your well-being, as your body rejuvenates and your mind finds renewed clarity and vitality.

Our EE Room

Picture of The EE Room at Battersea Park Clinic

15 Chairs

Our room has 15 reclining chairs with a cup holder and book slot. Blankets are available but you can bring your own blanket and pillow if you wish.

Sleeps 9

Our EE room has 7 single beds and 1 double bed for overnight sessions & the added option of bedding.


The room temperature can be adjusted up or down with the A/C control but it is well insulated and has underfloor heating throughout.

Free Perks

We provide alkaline water of 9.5 on the Ph scale, water bottles or plastic cups, eye masks and ear plugs.


We have a sound system installed that plays light spa music during the day sessions and a star light to maintain a calm environment.


Our Energy Enhancement System room has a strict no phones policy or electronics of any kind. 

∞Dress in comfortable, layered clothing for your sessions. Your body tends to cool down as you relax, so you may get a bit chilly. 


∞Outdoor shoes aren’t allowed in our centre. Please bring a pair of socks or comfortable slippers and leave your shoes on the shoe rack.​

∞Try to arrive 30 minutes before your session to give yourself ample time to relax.

∞Please don’t use heavy perfumes or oils, as some guests are sensitive to strong scents.​

How To Prepare


Hydration is very important. Start hydrating 24 hours in advance. Your body has a much better capacity to heal when well-hydrated. We recommend that you bring extra water. We are pleased to offer you a complimentary bottle of filtered, Kangen water during your visit. 


We recommend that you eat a small, nutritious meal before your session. You want to be satisfied but not overly full. This helps to increase the effects of the EESystem by not expending energy on digestion.

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Create an Intention. As Science and Spirituality begin to merge, we understand more clearly the power of Intention. Have a clear intention, as you enter the EE System. Breathe deeply and imagine what the manifestation of that intention would feel like. You’ll find it a powerful tool for both healing and manifesting.

Detox Process

It is extremely important to use a SEA SALT DETOX BATH or FOOT SOAK after each session within 24 hours of your session, to help with the detoxification and healing process. Sea Salt Bath and Foot Soak Salts are available for purchase at Reception or online. Soak for at least 20 minutes.

  • I have X, Y and Z wrong with me. Will the EES work on me?
    Scalar waves work on the whole body, not just one thing in particular.
  • How many hours do I need?
    This is dependant upon the person entirely; their state of health, financial situation, or if you want to experience something new. If you would like to try the EE System you can come for a 2 hour session to see what it feels like. Dr Sandra Rose Micheal recommends 20 hours as a starting point for everyone looking to enhance their cellular charge, even if, you are as fit as a fiddle. Since the day of our opening we have welcomed hundreds of people from the not so ill, to the very ill. We have been able to gather some amazing results through video testimonials of those that are facing chronic illnesses & diseases, and these show that if you have something seriously wrong, 20 hours is a starter, at 60 hours you should see some serious changes and above 100 hours the scans and tests should reveal major changes.
  • Do I really need a salt bath?
    Absolutely 'yes' and it is important to remember that the EE System is not healing you, it is giving you the energy to discharge all the toxins and heavy metals by bringing them to the surface. These toxins and heavy metals will have nowhere to escape apart from the bodies own natural detoxification systems, such as the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. This will put a strain on your body and you will have a headache, feel sluggish, stressed and dehydrated until you have a detox bath. This is a really important feature of the EESystem and must be done as soon as possible. Without the detox bath the heavy metals in your body will stay there, it is the salt that forms a chelate and pulls them out of your body. You can read more here why it is so important and shouldn't be skipped.
  • Can I use my own salt?
    No. The salt must be sea salt and negatively charged. Our EE salt mix is made to the precise recipe recommended by Dr Sandra.
  • Can I read in the room?
    We do not recommend this. Your body is like a phone, you wouldn't use your phone while it's on charge as it will take longer to recharge, the same works with our bodies. The optimal state is reached when we have our eyes closed, totally relaxed, and open to receiving the energy. But, of course, if you are struggling to settle you are more than welcome to read. We only allow books inside of the room and a small book lamp is allowed. Please do not bring any electronic devices such as kindles into the room as we want to keep the EMFs in the room as low as possible.
  • Do I need to keep my eyes open?
    Having your eyes open or closed will not affect the amount of energy you are receiving. We prefer for everyone to close their eyes and be totally relaxed and open to the scalar waves they are receiving.
  • I have A pacemaker?
    The EE room has no contradictions to pacemakers.


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Battersea Park Clinic

521-525 Battersea Park Road 


SW11 3BN

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