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You will need to drink lots of water to help your body flush out the toxins. The quality of water that you put into your body determines how healthy you are.  Drinking clean and alkaline water before, during and after the Energy Enhancement System is just as important to help your body heal.

What we once thought was safe has turned out to be one of the worst things you can now put into your body. Water companies are doing their best to filter out the chemicals that are in your water, but your tap water is more contaminated than you think, especially with water companies failing to control what is actually in their water.

Choosing the right water

Water filters resting on kitchen countertop

pH2 & Below

best used for disinfecting surfaces and kitchenware.

pH 2-3

is great water for cleaning floors and glass.

pH 4-5

is excellent for watering your plants.


is water that you should be using for skincare and beauty.


is also healthy for drinking, baby care and taking your medication.


is the type of water you should be using for hot drinks.


is ideal for cooking, steaming foods, stew and soup.


is the best type of water for drinking to reach hydration.

pH11 & Above

is good for cleaning pesticides and chemicals from your food.

Know your pH scale

Skin Texture

Have you ever thought that your health may depend on water?

The human body is made of 45%-75% of water, an essential nutrient you can put into your body. The cells inside your body contain and hold 60% of the water you drink. Some organs contain much more water than others: Brain 80–85%, Kidneys 80–85%, Heart 75–80%, Lungs 75–80%, Muscles 70–75%, Liver 70–75%, Skin 70–75%, Blood 50%, Bones 20–25% and Teeth 8–10%.

Drinking enough water every day is crucial to your health and plays a part in almost all those body functions with the recommended daily intake for men being 3.7 litres and women 2.7 litres. So why do you drink water that is not always the best choice for your body? 


The truth about what is really in your tap water may be a hard thing to grasp. The closest source of water is the one that comes from your tap and it's so effortlessly within reach that you forget what is behind something we cannot see. Water companies are now admitting that there are chemicals present in our water, although they say it is safe to drink. These chemicals can be: Chlorine, Fluoride, Radon, Boron, Arsenic, Lead and Microplastics which are definitely not safe to drink.

If those are the things that they are admitting to being in your water, what are they not coming clean about. There are other substances that should not be present in your water like: synthetic hormones, drugs (prescription and controlled drugs) as well as harmful bacteria/parasites. However, the first two are found in your water more often than you think and can be very damaging to your health.


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