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Our Story

We give you the tools to recharge your body and guide you on a journey of individual healing - mentally, spiritually and physically. We have created a unique, holistic centre that offers an experience like no other in the UK. We are the first EE System centre in the world that provides seven salt baths to marry the healing of Scalar Wave energy with the detoxification process of the salt bath afterwards. Our 24-unit Energy Enhancement Centre in Battersea, London, is also the first to have a full-spectrum, infrared sauna for 5 people on site, another useful tool to aid the removal of toxins inside your body. 

Welcome To Battersea Park Clinic 

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Fresh New Leaf

Alastair Jessel has owned the clinic site since 1999 and opened his first ever shop inside it in 1996 but sold the business in 2004. He took back the shop in 2018 and converted it into rooms during the first Covid lockdown. The idea of adding an EE System to it came from a chance meeting at the end of July 2022 and, after a lot of investigation and research, an order was placed in mid-October of that year for delivery in late spring 2023.


Alastair has a lot of history with holistic therapy as his father, Sir Charles Jessel Bt, had turned to alternative medicine when his wife (Alastair’s mother) was dying of breast cancer in the summer of 1977. He was too late but he became so interested in alternative medicine that he promptly retired and went off to learn more. This turned into a Dip.Ion qualification and he then learned how to dowse and become a fully qualified nutritionist.


His interest continued to expand and later on became Chairman and then President of The Institute of Optimum Nutrition. Sir Charles, who died in 2022 aged 97, was a close friend and sponsor to Patrick Holford and his many clinical studies looking at curing serious illnesses through diet. Alastair has been inspired by his meetings with Patrick to supplement his own diet through good nutrition and correct vitamin intake.


Part of the vast, holistic library collected by Sir Charles on almost every topic from healing the mind and body to the two books written and privately published by him, are now on display in the clinic. This has to be one of the largest collections in the UK of self-healing books about almost every subject and how to heal nearly every known disease or mental illness understood by man.


Alastair’s aim is to get all those who visit the clinic to understand that the EE System is usually just part of the changes required for self-healing. Diet, sugar reduction, mindset, exercise, reduced EMF exposure and stress-reduction are key components to leading a healthier, longer, more comfortable and happier life.

About Battersea Park Clinic & The Owner

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Battersea Park Clinic

521-525 Battersea Park Road 


SW11 3BN

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