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  • A 5 Hour EE Session

A 5 Hour EE Session


A 5-hour session in our Energy Enhancement System room with an optional 30-minute break starting at 12.30pm and finishing at 6pm, where you will receive Scalar Wave therapy and Bio-photonics in a comfortable zero-gravity chair.


With free complimentary access to a PH water neutraliser that creates pure alkaline water of 9.5 pH. The best and most clean water for hydration and getting rid of toxins. 

To book this session with us, you will first need to purchase the session as a product. Once you have purchased your hours, please call us to book an appointment.


Please do not forget to purchase your detox bathtub at our centre or a 1kg detox salt to take home with you. The detox process after an EE session is very important and regarded highly by Dr Sandra Rose Micheal. If you would like to read more about it please click here. 

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