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Dr Sandra Rose Michael & Jason Shurka are coming to London

For the first time ever, we are excited and grateful for the chance to finally get to meet these two people in London next April 4th. They have both done so much to change my life, other centre owners' lives and those clients who have benefitted from the Energy Enhancement System.

That famous first interview last May, which went viral, set in train a life-changing moment and those of us who were fascinated by it and decided to invest in the system, devoting our lives to healing others. I was fortunate and brave enough to be the very first in the UK to buy into EES, after months of research and heading down so many rabbit holes to conquer my thirst for more knowledge on Scalar Wave therapy and Energy Healing.

My enthusiasm for the system and what it brings to the lives of those being healed in our centres requires more light to be shed on those who have been behind the scenes as well as those leading from the front. Jason & Sandra kindly accepted my request to attend the first even conference in Europe and I look forward to helping them spread the word across the UK and Europe.

It was Sandra who requested a day with the owners and the 5th will be a chance for the owners to get up close and personal, discuss burning issues, understand how to get the most from their centres and to hear from me on how I set up my centre as an entrepreneur, salesman and seasoned business owner.

In order to make it good value, my small team had to spend 4 weeks hunting for the right venue at the right price and after researching over 40 locations, we settled on Kensington Town Hall. To make it even better value for the £100 ticket price, we are offering 2 free hours in our EE System, worth £80.

If you would like to be part of this exciting event, please head over to

where you will be able to purchase tickets for both days. For those who live too far away or in a different country, we will shortly be adding a ticket to watch this live via webcam.

I look forward to meeting you all next year!

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