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  • Rainbow Fluorite Hyper-Charged Energy Enhancement System Bracelet

Rainbow Fluorite Hyper-Charged Energy Enhancement System Bracelet


Embedded into the bracelets and medallions by being supercharged in Las Vegas are small amounts of the bio-active fields found in the EE technology. Your field is optimised, energised and harmonised by the scalar-enhanced product. The potential benefits of scalar energy in these products include but are not limited to:


  • Increasing focus and concentration.
  • Increased cellular hydration and decreased inflammation.
  • Alleviating headaches, body aches, and arthritis.
  • Delaying the ageing process and preventing red cells from clumping.


Enhances energetic protection, Supports you while you work to reduce your stress, Transforms energy, Helps you to maintain balance in your energy body, Strengthens your intuition, Encourages accurate psychic readings, Improves mental clarity and concentration, Promotes self-confidence, Shows the truth in any situation, Aids in promoting objectivity and fair judgment, Stimulates the intellect

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