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Sun, Jul 21



A Day of Sound Healing. Harmonising your Biofield for Improved Wellbeing.

"Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies" Einstein A day of Healing Frequencies on the Full Moon Scalar & Sound

A Day of Sound Healing. Harmonising your Biofield for Improved Wellbeing.
A Day of Sound Healing. Harmonising your Biofield for Improved Wellbeing.

Time & Location

Jul 21, 2024, 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM

London, 521-525 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BN, UK


About the event

I warmly invite you to join this amazing workshop;

Schedule for the Day

10.45 Arrival

11am Welcome and Introductions.

11.20am Presentation on our Biofield & the Healing Power of Sound.

12.15 Break. Cold Pressed Organic Juices.

12.30pm Demonstration of Tuning Forks with Alastair Smith

1.30pm - 2.30pm Lunch. Bring a packed lunch or eat in a local cafe.

2.30pm Voice Workshop / Chakra Toning With Ravi Freeman

3.45pm Break

4pm Sound Bath & Journey With Ravi Freeman

5.15pm Evaluation

5.30pm Close


Tuning forks give us very precise and pure frequencies. Being small and handheld, they are great for therapeutic work, both for self healing and for work with others. As sound is a vibrational medicine, they are particularly good at working with the energy system.

In this workshop, Alistair will introduce some of the most popular tuning fork methods and frequency systems and you will have the opportunity to experience them and try a few of these yourself. 

He will also share how you can integrate the use of tuning forks into your daily practice or other healing modalities.

Alastair Smith

Alistair came to sound healing through his experience as a musician. Music and sound became his therapy, inspiration and spiritual practice. In 2014 he qualified with the College of Sound Healing, and as a tutor for the College in 2017. He has attended courses with leading figures in the field of sound healing including: Fabian Maman, Jill Purce, Simon Heather, Jenni Roditi, Nikki Slade, Eileen Day McKusick, and has completed a course in trauma awareness. Alistair became one of the first trained Vocal Tai Chi practitioners in 2023. He also has over 5 years experience of care work in hospitals, care homes and a hospice, and runs sound sessions for the NHS and cancer support charities. He studied music at Goldsmiths University, graduating with first class honours in 2007, winning the Barnard and Hails prize for music. He gained his Masters in composition in 2009. 

Alistair's life purpose is to share the  inspirational and healing power of sound and music!


A transformational journey of discovery into the voice


a) brief exploration of overtone singing

b) chakra toning: voicing tones that activate the body’s chakras

c) voice work: exercises to open the voice


A taster voice workshop with a focus on overtone singing and developing the power of the singing voice. Ravi is known for his ability to convey both the technical aspects as well as the esoteric and healing components of overtone singing. Even for those who do not think of themselves as singers, these workshops give confidence in finding your natural and powerful voice. Those of you who are already singers will find greater depths and possibilities in your voice. Finding our natural sound, breathing from the diaphragm, creating the mouth shapes for overtone singing, expanded listening and finally, hearing our own overtones clearly.

We shall also sing together as a choir and explore the self healing and healing effects of harmonics

“Breath and the sound of the voice are existential imperatives.

They connect us directly with our divine souls”


The embodied practice of Chakra Toning involves working with the sound and colour of each chakra. Spending 10 to 15 minutes on each of the seven chakras, we tone together as a group creating a circle of sound. This is a multi-dimensional practice, if used on a regular basis can help to support and develop one’s relationship with one’s voice, particularly for singing.

All levels of singing ability welcome ; you do not have to sing to participate in these Voice Events


This is an amazing  opportunity to receive sound,  via various sound journey instruments and a 34 inch gong played by RAVI FREEMAN, who has been working as a musician and voice practitioner within the Sound Healing World for over 30 years.

“Ravi Freeman is a rare talent - a musical shaman'.

Ravi is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, pioneer of overtone singing and one of the longest established Western players of the kora (West African harp).

His music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, tribal cultures, overtone singing and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon.

As well as over 20 CDs, international performances and workshops and the invention of the electric/stereo kora.

Ravi has also worked with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera, Baaba Maal, Dr John, Ronu Majumdar and Marlui Miranda. The most recent albums are “Teacher in The Forest” with Charlotte Mabon, “Two Rivers” with Adrian Freedman and “Songs for the Golden Age”

What will be covered & experienced;

Discover your Electric Body

What raises your Biofield for coherence and healing.

Keys to Tuning your Biofield for Total Wellbeing.

The Healing Power of your Vagus Nerve.

How Sound can Harmonise your Electro Magnetic Energy to address Physical & Emotional imbalances in your body.

What you will get;

A Full Moon to remember....... Scalar 'n Sound!

  • 4.5 Hours in the EE Scalar Wave Room, valued at £80
  • Presentation & Discussions
  • Tuning Fork Demonstration/Experience 
  • Voice Activation Workshop &  Chakra Toning
  • Sound Bath & Journey
  • Cold Pressed Organic Juice

Experience a whole body tuning that can transform the Electro-magnetic Energy in you body from Dissonance to Resonnance ....


'You can look at Dis-ease as a form of Dis-harmony. 

There's no organ system in the body that's not affected by sound, music & vibration "

Mitchell Gaynor MD 

If you book this workshop, you have the opportunity on a first come first serve basis of booking for a unique special bonus offer of a FULL MOOM SLEEPOVER ( only open to workshop attendees; 7 places only for the add on sleepover for a magical £100 

10pm - 7.30pm. 

The Sleepover is bookable via reception once you have booked the workshop.

You could really indulge your cells and book for the Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony 7pm - 9pm.

Whatever combination you choose I would love to see you at one of the Events on the 21st July.

Join me for a Full Moon Healing Sound Feast.

Any questions, please call on 07495833844 Shani-Selina 


  • Scalar & Sound Healing

    +£2.63 service fee



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