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The Pandemic and Its Relationship to Snake Venom, Not Bats

During the Pandemic, many people rushed off to clinics that offered Monoclonal Antibodies because they were having a 100% success rate against Covid and the biggest success story was with a particular one called REGN-EB3 by Regeneron, since it had a hugely successful reaction to the Ebola virus. As soon as this happened, the product was banned and an alternative one was used (which was actually the worst performing one and killed more people than the virus itself) called Remdesivir. All hospitals in the US had to stock this product and its export to other countries was banned for a year.

Of all anti-venom products used in hospitals to treat snake bites, monoclonal antibodies account for 90% of them. Polyclonal antibodies are combined snake venoms, since many people do not always know which snake has bitten them. So why do monoclonal antibodies work against Covid when we were told that bats were the origin source? The narrative got deliberately changed!

It has been known since 24th January 2020, that Chinese Krait and King Cobra snakes may have been the source, and it only took French researchers until April 2020 to isolate the DNA spike proteins. What they found was that they were identical to the protein in King Cobra toxin and the Asian Krait snake bungarotoxin, symptoms of which include haemorrhage, paralysis and impairment of breathing.

Curiously for the pandemic vaccine, none of it included the actual virus: instead, it contained DNA plasmids. These are pieces of DNA inserted into a plasmid, a cell that can replicate independently of the chromosomes and frequently used in laboratory manipulation of genes.

So how did these plasmids end up inside us? They can be sprayed into the air and into the water supply, since snake venom is water-soluble. It is also curious that the US authorities were testing wastewater treatment plants from January 2020 for Covid and had 400 sites. Why would you test wastewater, since it only tells you that the population has had the virus, not that they were about to get it? Today that number has increased to 2,000 - maybe in expectation of the next pandemic?

If you add DNA plasmids to venom spike protein and a promoter, which tells the DNA to make the spike protein inside you, you can create a bioweapon and this knowledge has been around since the 1960’s. It does not require a virus to create a pandemic. It gets into your cells and into your bowels, where the yeast replicates it over and over again. Chlorine does not kill it, only hydrogen peroxide.

Why were pets and kids not so badly affected as adults? Because they have twice as much of the melatonin hormone as adults and this blocks 50% of all toxins.

The plasmids target the Alpha-7 nicotine receptors in your body which shuts off nerve cells, hence the loss of taste and smell, and you suffer from hypoxia, a state in which oxygen is not available in sufficient amounts to sustain life. Even more curiously, studies found that smokers were least affected by Covid because nicotine itself has 30 times more attraction to Alpha-7 nicotine receptors than snake venom. This, of course, sounds so obvious!

This knowledge finally led to the one product that removes the DNA plasmid spike protein from your body in days (there are others that take longer). Want to know more? Get in contact with Battersea Park Clinic and get this product from us or your local pharmacy. Knowledge is power and we are here to help you.

This article has been written from information compiled by Dr Bryan Addis and we would like to thank him profusely for all that he has done in researching the origin of the pandemic.

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