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Revealing What A Night Spent in an EESystem in London is Like

Have you ever wondered what an eleven-hour stint in an EESystem is like? As an owner of one who regularly chats to his clients, as well as spending time in one himself, it is an interesting experience.

My first night was spent falling asleep fairly quickly and then awakening at 2am in a complete sweat. My body was burning, as the toxins started to come out, and I then fell back asleep to awaken again at 4am, absolutely freezing. My stomach had been gently churning during the night and I felt pretty wired in the morning. As I walked out of the room, I felt that I had been on drugs, but I definitely felt more energised. Life feels a lot better after the salt bath.

The curious thing is that the next night, I slept really well, had no sweats or chills and woke feeling really relaxed and in great shape. So, what did others feel? Some are awake most of the night, really wired, others sleep the entire way through the night. Some have vivid dreams of their past life whilst others have had dreams that have taken them back to their ancestors. Some have headaches, others feel incredibly calm.

What is important is that everyone has felt something. There is no doubt that these long sessions at night are a great way to increase exposure to the ‘enhanced energy’ without the boredom factor of lying in a chair during the day. They are the ultimate way to relax and unwind and curiously, are an amazing, social experience.

When we planned the room, we were going to have separate cubicles for the nighttime sessions, but time overran us and we opened without them, placing the beds beside each other. All those panicked phone calls of the last six months from those worried about sleeping in the same room as other people (and with the opposite sex) vanished overnight: it became a miraculous, fun event with clients chatting away to each other, swapping notes on their own health or life experiences. They have even swapped telephone numbers.

Many people ask me ‘How long do I need to be in the EE room?’ and the answer is ‘I don’t know.’ If you are just looking to add energy, then a few hours will do the job. If you are looking to heal yourself of a serious condition, then 20 hours is when you will start to see some major changes and 60-80 hours is when the reversals really happen. For those with major life-changing illnesses, 120-200 hours is probably a baseline.

Looking back at Dr Sandra Rose Michael’s clinical trials, all of them were done in and around 2007 with a 4 or 8 unit system. The timelines indicate that healing took place over many months but with our 24 unit system, this time period is shortened dramatically. Our system will heal in 36 times the speed of a 4 unit system and 9 times that of a 8 unit.

Whatever the reason for visiting us, you will go away with something and know that this isn’t some type of pseudo-science that promises a lot and delivers nothing. This isn’t medicine, it’s physics. It delivers energy and this energy heals: it has been medically proven.

If you are wondering whether this is for you, come and try a 2 hour session and then decide if you would like to continue. Around ¾ of all those who book with us, rebook again so you will be in good company. It is much cheaper than seeing a private doctor and those looking for long term treatment should ask us for a special price for 50 hours or longer. We want you to heal as much as you yourself want it. Try it: you have little to lose for a 2 hour session.

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